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family-law-editedWhile a separation takes an emotional and financial toll on a family, sometimes we all know that it’s simply the best choice for the given circumstances.

Contemplating Separation or Divorce?

If at all possible, it is wise to consult a lawyer before you leave your marital home or make any rash moves. I routinely handle all types of divorces, custody, and support-related cases, and would be glad to discuss your case with you. If you’re contemplating a divorce or are in the beginning stages of a separation, I can help you avoid costly mistakes that a lot of people make when the separation is inevitable.

If you are already in the throes of divorce, separating from your common law partner, have child custody or child support concerns, or if you have been served with papers from your ex-spouse, you can call my office so that we can work together to resolve the issues. Delaying matters can only harm your case. I have witnessed time and time again how separations can quickly evolve into complicated and unsavory matters. It is not a situation you want to face alone without knowledgeable, professional legal counsel.

Types of Cases Handled by the Firm

I deeply care about helping families through their issues and helping them arrive soundly on the other side. My family law background is extensive, and I’m well-versed in Ontario laws. When my clients entrust their case to me, I handle each of them with care, pay close attention to details, and passionately fighting for their best interests. I actively listen to my clients.

Some of the types of family law cases I cover are listed below.

  • Both contested and uncontested divorces
  • Separation agreements
  • Spousal support and child support
  • Family Responsibility Office support enforcements
  • Property issues (asset and debt division)
  • Child custody and access (visitation)
  • Child Protection cases
  • Urgent matters such as restraining orders

Legal Consultation with an Ontario Family Law Lawyer

If you are going through a family law dispute or need advice for how best to handle your situation, contact my office today. I will do what I can to ensure your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

Call the office at 519-371-1443 for a confidential legal consultation. We can schedule an appointment for you to share your case with me, and let us discuss how to best move forward.